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TftF Tale II: Chapter Two
Chapter Two
They say that the deeper you go into the caverns within the islands of the Vaynai Archipelago, the seedier and more dangerous the crowds become. This was exactly what Craeldo was counting on.
After having parted company with Shalla and Abras, he wandered for a few hours through the shops and a few tapcafes along the Promenade and, while they were all fine establishments, there was something they lacked. There were few there willing to talk, a major deficiency for one trying to dig up some information… any information on the locals or items of interest. That was his job and indeed his passion, to find out what he could for either his personal use or for the use of the highest bidder. So there was nowhere to go but down.
To say that Dominik's Alehouse was typical would have been an understatement. It looked a hundred other smoke-filled, jizz-wailing cantinas across the galaxy, but unlike the clean, upscale establishments on the Promenade, this was the type of environme
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TftF Tale II: Chapter One
Chapter One
Like a long-awaited prize, the almost crystalline blue planet Vaynai seemed to beckon them on as it appeared in the distance and steadily began to grow in size. Kicking up his feet onto the control console and leaning in his chair with his arms behind his head, Captain Marikk Danar smiled, almost feeling the warm ocean breeze on his face already as he watched their approach to the oceanic planet. Vaynai was covered mostly by shallow seas and boasted only one permanent settlement at the spaceport in the islands of the Vaynai archipelago.  It would be there, of course, they would be traveling to, or, more specifically the place called Streysel Island, according to their letter of recommendation from the repair master Jo'eno Finn at the Chandrilla space station. It had been a favor to Dormanin that he had given them these coordinates, as a sign of goodwill since, at the moment, their coffers were a little too empty to afford his prices. Thus they were to go to
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TIE Vindicator by TalesFromTheFringe TIE Vindicator :icontalesfromthefringe:TalesFromTheFringe 121 15
Shifting Facade
One year before the Battle of Geonosis…
A chorus of footsteps echoed throughout the winding hallway as each tapped against the metal plating upon the floor. A stately looking man, at least a head taller than all the others in the party, led the way. A thin smile played across his bearded face as he spoke with the Quarren dignitary at his side. There were six Quarrens total in actuality: the leader, Lelas Tels, superintendent of a wealthy mining operation on and leader of the water world of Wasserelt, his finely crafted violet robes flowing around his thin frame, four trident armed guards garbed in white tunics, and one attendant wearing a plain gray tunic.
As her master, Count Dooku of Serenno, continued to speak quietly with Superintendent Tels of their deal for the resources of Wasserelt to be donated to the Separatist cause, Sev'rance's crimson eyes remained glued to the attendant.  Despite the fact that, as opposed to the other around him, he had a pale white compl
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TftF Tale I: Chapter Six
Chapter Six
Mara's stomach tightened as she spoke the word in her mind, holding her knees to her chin as she sat in the mesh covered pilot's chair, watching the swirling, morphing lights of hyperspace around her. It felt like that great tumult that she was now watching through the viewport was moving in the pit of her being as well.
"What is the status of you assignment, child?" came the Emperor's baleful tone moments later. "Might I trust that you have been successful? You do know the great… displeasure I take in failure."
She sat there and stared down at her legs, saying nothing, but already, should felt a sense of impatience emanating from her master at her delay. "Professor Ardina… is dead, at your request, Master."
"Excellent. And the holocron?" Again Mara was silent. This was all the answer the Emperor needed.
"I have not trained you for failure, Mara Jade," he responded quickly, slithering across her mind with a razor's edge. "Nor
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TftF Tale I: Chapter Five
Chapter Five
In all the time he had been on the Nova Hound, it was incredibly eerie not to hear any sounds around him, save for the echoing of his own footsteps as he descended down the lifttube shaft. Hands clasped securely upon the rungs that hid in their niche in the wall, Marikk descended slowly, avoiding looking down for fear of the dark unknown not revealed by the emergency lights. By the door he saw in the wall beside him as glanced over, he figured he had just arrived on deck two.
Reaching just to the right of his shoulder, he opened a small panel there and revealed the manual access controls for the door mechanism. The captain worked quickly, cutting and crossing some wires within the device and then pulling down on a large lever below them. With a satisfying hiss, the doorway split open and gave him just enough room to slide through as he sidled away and off the ladder.
Like every other deck on the ship, the corridor into which he stepped was covered in shadows,
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TftF Tale I: Chapter Four
Chapter Four
Extravagance was nearly a badge of honor for the Neimoidians, credits the measure of a being's success. This was the way his mother had raised him. This was the way of his people.
Though the lighting had been set to dim, Loon's quarters still held a bright glow to them due to the reflection of the near overwhelming presence of gold within the room. What items in the room that were not gold were either plated gold or made of something equally as valuable. Finely woven rugs upon the floor, paintings and tapestries hundreds of years older than he upon the wall, and furniture created by the finest craftsmen known.  This was hardly the scene one would find on a Mercenary ship, and thanks to his careful precautions few actually saw it.
Security, though, to this extent almost always assured loneliness.
Loon leaned back upon the stack of plush pillows on the corner of his bed, now wearing only his under robes, surrounded by files, datapads and sheets of flimsiplas
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TftF Tale I: Chapter Three
Chapter Three
The blue and green mottled orb of Chandrila, a lush jewel against the cold darkness of space, was a lovely sight through the main viewport. It was most definitely a lovely sight to see, considering the haven it would hopefully provide for the Nova Hound while they got things back in working order. Chandrila was the closest and, thankfully, most peaceful planet near Brentaal where they might avoid Imperial eyes for a time. And if simply for this fact alone, Marikk was glad they were here.
"Incoming vessel, this is Chandrila orbital space station, what is your intended business?" Glancing up again briefly from the controls, he saw the small speck with sat in orbit of the planet in the distance, growing larger as time passed. He slowed the ship's speed as they approached and motioned for Craeldo to open the channel.
"Chandrila station, this is the incoming cruiser. We request permission to dock for repairs."
Several seconds passed as the crew sat there in antic
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TftF Tale I: Chapter Two
Chapter Two
The crimson sun was low on the horizon as the city of Oradin came into view, shadows heavy in the details of the city as people still bustled about the street. All landing procedures complete, the Nova Hound began to slow as it lowered closer to the docking bay. Steam hissed from its body as the ship finally touched ground and moaned slightly as it came to a rest, a small piece of the black with blue trimmed hull plating dropping to the ground with a loud clatter that scared away a few vermin creeping in the shadows. The inner machinations of the craft began to whir and steam puffed out once more as the landing ramp achingly descended and three silhouettes appeared from the lighted interior and exited. It was Captain Marikk who took the lead, hands tucked away in the pockets of his jacket, with Sillek and Craeldo closely in tow.
Marikk glanced about from side to side and then reached an arm behind his neck and stretched. "Well then, where to, Crae?"
"Hmm, let'
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TftF Tale I: Chapter One
Chapter One
"Unidentified vessel, this is the Imperial Star Destroyer Abdicator. You have entered a restricted area. Please lower your shields, halt your engines and prepare to be boarded."
Worried faces glanced back and forth as the announcement echoed over the comm system, each unsure of how to proceed.
"Alright crew, pop quiz time," the captain said as he worked furiously at the ship's controls. "An Imperial Star Destroyer is on your tail and ready to take down your ship, what do you do?"
"Stay far enough ahead to avoid their tractor beams, look for a free opening and jump to hyperspace?"
The captain, a Duro, cocked his head to the side and looked quickly to the corridor behind him where his Rodian comm officer sat. "Logical, Crae, but no good at this point. We're already within tractor range. Anyone else?"
"We could turn about, charge forward full speed with canons flaring. Of course, that would be…"
"…suicide, absolute suicide. You're right, Abras. Next?"
From the ca
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Tobboa Loare, Shi'ido Spy by TalesFromTheFringe Tobboa Loare, Shi'ido Spy :icontalesfromthefringe:TalesFromTheFringe 19 3 Karada Barkura,'Jedi Assassin' by TalesFromTheFringe Karada Barkura,'Jedi Assassin' :icontalesfromthefringe:TalesFromTheFringe 49 2 Talyn Manda'lorr,Clone Warlord by TalesFromTheFringe Talyn Manda'lorr,Clone Warlord :icontalesfromthefringe:TalesFromTheFringe 21 1 Naemi Alto, Zeltron Thief by TalesFromTheFringe Naemi Alto, Zeltron Thief :icontalesfromthefringe:TalesFromTheFringe 22 0 Professor Constantin Ardina by TalesFromTheFringe Professor Constantin Ardina :icontalesfromthefringe:TalesFromTheFringe 5 1


Beastiary Enormous-ica by WonderDookie
Mature content
Beastiary Enormous-ica :iconwonderdookie:WonderDookie 1,005 594



Star Wars: Tales from the Fringe
United States
                                    STAR WARS

                                 TALES FROM THE FRINGE

The galaxy is embroiled in the midst of war once more. Across numerous star systems, the battle hardened forces of the GALACTIC EMPIRE have begun to hunt down and eliminate  the scattered cells of the so-called REBEL ALLIANCE after the destruction of the Empire's dreaded Death Star over Yavin's fourth moon.

In the midst of all this, though, are the common people of the galaxy, who, as they try to live their lives in peace, are caught up into the midst of the conflict. Of the trillions of beings in the known galaxy alone, the tales of their turmoil and strife would fill the great libraries of Coruscant several times over, and yet many go completely unheard.

Amongst them all, one ragtag band of beings known as MARIKK'S MERCS continue on in their goals, evading the forces of the Empire and doing all they can to stay alive while trying to survive on the outskirts of galactic society, unawares of what fame or infamey might lie ahead....



Well, one prequel and one story from the main series are up! Let me know what you think. I do what I can to keep everything in-continuity w/ the Expanded Universe, but that can change from time to time so I gotta stay on my toes.

Let's see... I should have more art up soon. Captain Marikk, Abras, Shalla, Jo'eno and Lord Ravage are all in the shoot and being working on to be finished, so keep your eyes open.

Hope everyone is enjoying my little hub for the TftF series here. Now if only I can get more people to visit.... *le sigh*


The Confederate Chronicles Trilogy (Prequel to Tales from the Fringe):

-Shifting Facade (Complete)
-The General Issue (Coming soon!)
-Legacy of the Shadows

The Tales from the Fringe:

-Relentless Entanglements (Complete)
-Bittersweet Reunion (In-Progress)
-The Lost War (Coming Soon!)
-In The Assassin's Shadow
-Phantoms of the Past
-The Turning Point
-A Brother's Bond
-The Droid Lord
-Pathway to Destiny
-The Legend of Seto Kalrawsh
-The New Confederacy
-Between Here and Forever


I'm still looking for more help for the continuing TftF OC Art project. If you see any characters below that might perk your interest or if you have any questions, please drop me a line and we'll see what we can do!

The List Thus Far:

-Male Half-Neimoidian/Half-Duros Accountant
-Male Rodian Info Dealer   
-Male Dashade Bounty Hunter
-Male Phuii BH Apprentice
-Male Kubaz Jedi of the Old Order
-Male Rodian Musician and Pistoleer
-Male-AI HK droid
-Male Human brain encased in a 3PO Shell
-Male Anomid XenoAnthropologist
-Male Skakoan Droid Engineer
-Male Devaronian Teras Kasi Artist
-OC Troopers for a Rogue Imperial State
-Ancient Sith Lord and his Alchemic Abomination
-LOM Protocol Droid and R2 droid Duo
-Imperial General and female secretary
-Male Gen'dai Weapons' Expert
-Male Jin'ha Swordsman
-Quarren Planetary and Corporate Administrator w/ Guards


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