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Star Wars: Tales from the Fringe
United States
                                    STAR WARS

                                 TALES FROM THE FRINGE

The galaxy is embroiled in the midst of war once more. Across numerous star systems, the battle hardened forces of the GALACTIC EMPIRE have begun to hunt down and eliminate  the scattered cells of the so-called REBEL ALLIANCE after the destruction of the Empire's dreaded Death Star over Yavin's fourth moon.

In the midst of all this, though, are the common people of the galaxy, who, as they try to live their lives in peace, are caught up into the midst of the conflict. Of the trillions of beings in the known galaxy alone, the tales of their turmoil and strife would fill the great libraries of Coruscant several times over, and yet many go completely unheard.

Amongst them all, one ragtag band of beings known as MARIKK'S MERCS continue on in their goals, evading the forces of the Empire and doing all they can to stay alive while trying to survive on the outskirts of galactic society, unawares of what fame or infamey might lie ahead....



Well, one prequel and one story from the main series are up! Let me know what you think. I do what I can to keep everything in-continuity w/ the Expanded Universe, but that can change from time to time so I gotta stay on my toes.

Let's see... I should have more art up soon. Captain Marikk, Abras, Shalla, Jo'eno and Lord Ravage are all in the shoot and being working on to be finished, so keep your eyes open.

Hope everyone is enjoying my little hub for the TftF series here. Now if only I can get more people to visit.... *le sigh*


The Confederate Chronicles Trilogy (Prequel to Tales from the Fringe):

-Shifting Facade (Complete)
-The General Issue (Coming soon!)
-Legacy of the Shadows

The Tales from the Fringe:

-Relentless Entanglements (Complete)
-Bittersweet Reunion (In-Progress)
-The Lost War (Coming Soon!)
-In The Assassin's Shadow
-Phantoms of the Past
-The Turning Point
-A Brother's Bond
-The Droid Lord
-Pathway to Destiny
-The Legend of Seto Kalrawsh
-The New Confederacy
-Between Here and Forever


I'm still looking for more help for the continuing TftF OC Art project. If you see any characters below that might perk your interest or if you have any questions, please drop me a line and we'll see what we can do!

The List Thus Far:

-Male Half-Neimoidian/Half-Duros Accountant
-Male Rodian Info Dealer   
-Male Dashade Bounty Hunter
-Male Phuii BH Apprentice
-Male Kubaz Jedi of the Old Order
-Male Rodian Musician and Pistoleer
-Male-AI HK droid
-Male Human brain encased in a 3PO Shell
-Male Anomid XenoAnthropologist
-Male Skakoan Droid Engineer
-Male Devaronian Teras Kasi Artist
-OC Troopers for a Rogue Imperial State
-Ancient Sith Lord and his Alchemic Abomination
-LOM Protocol Droid and R2 droid Duo
-Imperial General and female secretary
-Male Gen'dai Weapons' Expert
-Male Jin'ha Swordsman
-Quarren Planetary and Corporate Administrator w/ Guards

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