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Karada Barkura,'Jedi Assassin' by TalesFromTheFringe Karada Barkura,'Jedi Assassin' by TalesFromTheFringe
Karada Barkura
Gender: Male
Age: 34
Eye Color:
Skin Color: Caucasian, slightly pale
Height: 5'11"
Build: Lean yet toned
Birthplace: Osahn
Race: Human
Occupation: Dark Jedi Assassin
Languages: Basic and other basic galactic languages
Debut: Tale IV: In the Assassin's Shadow

Karada was born into a servant family belonging to the Governor of Osahn, a crystalline planet which was home to a mineral widely saught after for the construction of starships, during the years of the Old Republic. In the later half of the Clone Wars, Osahn was attacked and taken by Seperatist forces after the assassination of its leader, Governor Darden. Karada was the friend and constant companion of the Governor's son, Gennai, who would later become a Moff who ruled from the planet during the rule of the Empire. Gennai and Karada were in the room when Sillek, a Quarrren assassin, appeared and killed Governor Darden and his Jedi protectors. As he was struck down, Darden commanded Karada to take Gennai and escape to safety, which he willingly obeyed.

It was nearly one and a half years later, in the months after the Clone Wars, when Osahn was liberated by the forces of the Empire, led by the Emperor's new chosen warrior, Darth Vader. Vader sensed that the young Barkura had a strong connection to the force and was probably overlooked by the Jedi since he was born quietly into a servant's family on a planet far from the Galactic core and civilized space. Vader took both boys and returned them to the planet's capital from their hiding place in an abandoned mining facility. Gennai was allowed to stay there and went on to study and enter into the field of politics, while the Dark Lord took Karada and presented him before the Emperor. Having used the excuse of a Jedi rebellion to secure his power and give birth to his Empire, he decided that the 'Jedi Rebellion' needed a face to connect to it. Thus, he had the boy sent and trained by his Prophets of the Dark Side. When they felt he was ready, they armed the now 28-year-old Karada with a green-bladed lightsaber taken from a Jedi fallen in the on-going purge and put him to use executing any Senators or others who might be suspected of dissenting to a Rebellion being led against the Empire. Reporting directly to Darth Vader himself and recieving intelligence from the Prophets, cut down those he was assigned to kill with deadly accuracy, in 'the name of Jedi Order, seeking revenge against the traitorous Empire' and vowing to tear it down and rebuild it by their own power. The Emperor's plan was widely successful, a warrior under his control to carry out his will against those who might try to betray him, all the while ever tainting the name of the Jedi with every telling of Karada's work amongst the populace.

Amongst all this, Karada Barkura grew ever more in power and prestige within the dark echelons of the Empire, continuing to excute the Emperor's will without question. All the while, he keeps that image of the Quarren assassin appearing before them as children burned into his mind, feeding upon that fear and using that in his own work.

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MikeyOreo Featured By Owner May 25, 2008   Photographer
hey there brilliant picture and back story i was wondering if you could draw a jedi for me if its not to much problem just its needed for a forum
blue-but-beautiful Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2006  Professional General Artist
Nice backstory, and regarding the piece it's self, I love the angles in this. Very nice.
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November 5, 2005
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